Proof of Existence for Supply Chain Finance



With 20 years of experience in supply chain automation and the use of the latest sensor technology, AZHOS always has full insights of thousands of silos and warehouses worldwide. Using blockchain-technology and it’s legal binding quality enables us to synchronize the flow of payments with the flow of goods.


Real-time inventory data is linked and processed in such a way that it can be used to automate instant payments by using tokenized electronic money and connecting wallet addresses to IBAN accounts. AOS Token Holders benefit as well from AZHOS profit as also from global revenues.

Demo of real-time inventory
Token Flowchart
(1) consumption signal initiates smart contracts, (2) instant payment based on consumption, (3) AOS Holder receives profit share. *


Instant Liquidity

AZHOS increases the accuracy of cashflow forecasts by paying the producer in real-time based on the customers consumption.

Exclusive Sensor Data

AZHOS has exclusive inventory insights out of more than 5000 datapoints installed in silos and warehouses worldwide.

Free Up Capital

Storing real-time inventory data on a blockchain provides a legal binding Proof of Existence, enabling the industry to free up tied up capital.


Payments in the AZHOS ecosystem are made with tokenized electronic money (e-money on a distributed ledger). These Euro or US-Dollar on the blockchain are fully backed by an e-money entity. The difference to common known “stable-coins” is the need of an e-money licence and the ability to make payment transactions addressed to SEPA accounts. This enables AZHOS to operate with all existing ERP Systems.


Our Partners


Evonik Industries AG is the largest specialty chemicals company in the world. Evonik is our partner from the start and leading in the efforts of digitization processes.


The EEA is the industry’s global standards organization to deliver an open, standards-based architecture to accelerate the adoption of Enterprise Ethereum.


Orbit Logistics AG is a leading international provider of vendor managed inventory, supply-chain management and global real-time data acquisition.


Are specialized in the extrajudicial and judicial enforcement of claims for damages and in particular in the reversal of capital investments.

frankfurt school

The Frankfurt School Blockchain Center is a think tank which investigates implications of the blockchain technology for companies and their business models.

blockchain hotel

The Blockchain Hotel is a very special place to meet at eye level in a friendly atmosphere for blockchain-focused conferences, workshops, meetups and hackathons.

Media and Conferences

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  • Oct-Dec, 2017
    Research and Development

    Strategic research and feasibility analysis.

  • Jan-Oct, 2018
    Building the Technology

    Building the team and the company followed by the development and first tests of the technology. Establishment of compatibility with existing ERP systems and acquisition of partners for the implementation of various pilots with different product types under various circumstances.

  • Oct-Jan, 2018

    Running several POCs with our industry partners.

  • Nov, 2018
    Incorporation of AZHOS AG in Vaduz, Principality of Liechtenstein
  • Q4 2019
    AOS Security Token

    The finalisation and review of the prospectus will be completed in Q4 2019. AZHOS will comply with all rules and restrictions of the FMA (Financial Market Authority) Liechtenstein.** If you have any questions regarding the Security Token please contact [email protected]

  • Q1 2020

    AZHOS will connect additional sensors such as flow meters (for the mineral oil industry) and other telemetry data to the system to expand our business in other product areas.


Marcel Kuhs
CEO & Co-founder

Marcel Kuhs is responsible for the strategical development of AZHOS and long-term partnerships in order to consolidate AZHOS position as the first industrial use case for SCF based on blockchain-technology.

Mathias Baer
CTO & Co-founder

Mathias expertise covers a broad area of disciplines. He has studied economics and marketing, runs several businesses and combines technical skills with a great understanding of economic aspects.

Joachim Rudolf
Chairman Supervisory Board

Joachim Rudolf is managing director of Orbit Logistics Group. He is a graduate engineer and has worked for several international companies in his career (e.g. Siemens AG).

DR. Silvio Stephan

Holds a PhD in Engineering (RWTH Aachen). Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Orbit Logistics AG. Worked with Siemens AG for 15 years in Germany, the USA and Latin America in Project Management, Sales, Marketing and International Business Development including M&A.

Baha Al Far
Managing Director MENA

An MBA, based in Dubai for more that 18 years, has been a high-level Board of Directors’ consultant, investment advisor and an industry expert. Baha is a strategic advisor to various Royal families, Billionaires, high networth individuals and Corporate Directors.

John McAfee
Lead Security Advisor

Probably one of the best known Crypto experts. He worked for international companies (e.g. Nasa, General Electric, Siemens), is a computer programmer, businessman and also the creator of the security software that bears his name.

Dr. Julio Faura
Lead Technical Advisor

Holds a PhD in Computer Science (UAM-Spain) and MsC in Management of Technology (MIT). Started out as chip designer, worked for McKinsey and Co, where he specialized in Banking. Currently leads Santander's activities around Blockchain and global innovation.

Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner
Lead Financial Advisor & Investor

Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner is head of the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. The expertise of Prof. Sandner in particular includes blockchain technology, crypto assets, ICOs, digital transformation and entrepreneurship.

Istvan Cocron
Legal Counsel

Istvan Cocron is a founding partner of CLLB Lawyers. He is a specialist in advising start-ups and companies, in corporate and investment law and in representing policyholders. He has extensive forensic experience and has advised on a number of major litigation cases for investors and consumers throughout Germany.

Benjamin Rudolf
VMI & supply chain specialist

Benjamin is a vendor management inventory and supply chain automation specialist. He has studied economic law and has a profound knowledge of legal as well as market aspects.

Sebastian Zintl
Lead Engineer

Sebastian has studied Business Information Engineering at the Technical University of Cologne and wrote his thesis on the topic of "Blockchain Technologies in regard to Supply Chains".

Tony Oehm
Assistance To The Board

Tony is skilled in economics and has expertise in project management. He is responsible for the coordination of the projects to support the management and the ongoing public relations.

Gideon Gallasch

Co-Founder of the Blockchainhotel, that offers Blockchain-related seminars and conferences and - a german bitcoin p2p Exchange Platform. As an early adopter of Cryptocurrencys, he has a lot of experience in Crypto-Ecosystems, Communitys and Education.

Lukas Fiedler

In the Blockchain space since 2016, Lukas was one of the earliest IOTA community members and co-created the knowledgebase IOTA Support. Following these activities, he took over the famous German crypto-blog „Der Altcoinspekulant“ mid 2017 and since then introduces, analyses and supports new projects for the blockchain community. With AZHOS he now looks to be part of a real world blockchain use case.