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The global chemicals industry is one of the largest in the world and accounts for approximately 15% of the US manufacturing economic sector. The adoption of digital technology is helping chemical companies increase the profitability of their operations and improve supply chain management. By building digitally enabled intelligent solutions, manufacturers are scaling up their operations allowing them to gain end-to-end financial visibility. This digital integration creates reduced risk, better waste management, optimization of the production network, and most of all better workforce safety.

Crude Oil

Getting oil to market is a process that requires various transportation and storage technologies, usually referred to as “midstream”. Oil is often produced in remote locations away from where it will be consumed; therefore, transportation networks have been built to transport the crude oil to refineries where it is processed and to ship the refined products to where they will be consumed (like a gas station). Storage facilities are used to balance supply and demand of oil and refined products.

AZHOS is using state of the art sensors to track filling levels and execute financing processes in the oil industry.


When you're in the food manufacturing and processing industry, you spend a lot of time thinking about quality, and even more so than with any other type of product, the quality of your goods must be as perfect as possible when they leave the factory, because if the taste, smell or texture differs even a little from what your customers expect, they will be very unhappy!

AZHOS uses sensors, which meassure temperature, moisture and many other features, which are critical to good qualitiy.


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