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Meet our team

Our Professional Core Team

Tony Oehm


Tony Oehm is skilled in economics and has broad expertise in project management. He is responsible for the coordination of AZHOS projects in various business areas as well as for investor relations and customer acquisition.

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Dr. Silvio Stephan


Silvio Stephan holds a PhD in Engineering (RWTH Aachen). Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Orbit Logistics AG. Worked with Siemens AG for 15 years in Germany, the USA and Latin America in Project Management, Sales, Marketing and International Business Development including M&A.

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Joachim Rudolf

Chairman of the Board

Joachim Rudolf is managing director of Orbit Logistics Group. He is a graduate engineer and has worked for several international companies in his career (e.g. Siemens AG).

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Andreas Nigg


Andreas Nigg holds a B.A. and E.M.B.L from the University of St. Gallen and has extensive knowledge as a trustee and certified auditor. Furthermore, he has worked for leading companies like the LGT Group and PWC.

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Mathias Baer


Mathias Baer's expertise covers a broad area of disciplines. He has studied economics and marketing, runs several businesses and combines technical skills with a great understanding of economic aspects.

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Benjamin Rudolf

Lead Supply Chain Analyst

Benjamin Rudolf is a vendor management inventory and supply chain automation specialist. He has studied economic law and has a profound knowledge of legal as well as market aspects.

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Sebastian Zintl

Lead Developer

Sebastian Zintl has studied Business Information Engineering at the Technical University of Cologne and wrote his thesis on the topic of "Blockchain Technologies in regard to Supply Chains".

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Leander Kahrens

Lead Growth & Strategy

Leander J. Kahrens is skilled in economics and has worked in asset management and global markets for leading german private banks. His responsibility is to support the management in ongoing projects and manage public relations.

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Riccardo Spicker

Analyst & Lead Sales

Riccardo Spicker started his career in the financial sector as a banker in Cologne. In 2017 Riccardo founded a CFD brokerage company and specialized in sales and marketing as he later on supported other brokers as a sales team leader and built his own marketing company.

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Hannes Steinle

Analyst & Lead China

Hannes Steinle gathered business experience as analyst and founder. He studied in China and Germany and speaks four languages including mandarin. He has a broad expertise in research and is responsible for business and market analysis.

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Simon Brand

Business Analyst

Simon Brand has an engineering background and gathered experience working at a global technology company. He now sets his further academic focus on Business Informatics to deepen his knowledge of IT systems. He supports AZHOS in its day-to-day business.

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Fotis Kapouranis

Business Analyst

Fotis Kapouranis is currently studying Business Administration with a focus on Banking and Finance at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. In his position as a Financial Analyst he is supporting AZHOS in its ongoing projects.

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Our Strong Advisory Team

Marcel Kuhs

Lead Strategical Advisor and Co-Founder

Marcel Kuhs is responsible for the strategical development of AZHOS and long-term partnerships in order to consolidate AZHOS position as the first industrial use case for SCF based on blockchain-technology.

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Dr. Julio Faura

Lead Tech Advisor

Julio Faura holds a PhD in Computer Science (UAM-Spain) and MsC in Management of Technology (MIT). Started out as chip designer, worked for McKinsey and Co, where he specialized in Banking. Currently leads Santander's activities around Blockchain and global innovation.

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Istvan Cocron

Legal Council

Istvan Cocron is a founding partner of CLLB Lawyers. He is a specialist in advising start-ups and companies, in corporate and investment law and in representing policyholders. He has extensive forensic experience and has advised on a number of major litigation cases for investors and consumers throughout Germany.

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Baha Al Far

Representative MENA

Baha Al Far, MBA, based in Dubai for more than 18 years, has been a high-level Board of Directors’ consultant, investment advisor and an industry expert.

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Gideon Gallasch


Gideon Gallasch is Co-Founder of the Blockchainhotel, that offers Blockchain-related seminars and conferences and - a german bitcoin p2p Exchange Platform. As an early adopter of Cryptocurrencys, he has a lot of experience in Crypto-Ecosystems, Communitys and Education.

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Lukas Fiedler


In the Blockchain space since 2016, Lukas Fiedler was one of the earliest IOTA community members and co-created the knowledgebase IOTA Support. Following these activities, he took over the famous German crypto-blog „Der Altcoin­spekulant“ mid 2017 and since then introduces, analyses and supports new projects for the blockchain community.

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