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A few words about us.

Experience meets innovation. AZHOS AG and its idea was born in 2017 when the value of our data as a supply chain technology provider increased drastically with Blockchain technology in the industry sector. AZHOS AG was founded by Marcel Kuhs, Tony Oehm, Dr. Silvio Stephan, Joachim Rudolf and a team of individuals with different areas of expertise. Electrical engineers, developers, supply-chain experts as well as finance experts came together to connect a fintech solution industrial supply chain services.

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Our Story

The timeline below shows the history of AZHOS AG over the years. It captures some milestones along the way, illustrating our record of doing well while doing good.

AZHOS Infrastructure™ is the #1 supply chain platform, bringing companies and suppliers together in the digital age. Founded in 2018, AZHOS AG enables chemical companies of every size take advantage of powerful technologies — cloud, blockchain, artificial intelligence as well as data science — to unlock their working capital in a whole new way.

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AZHOS AG Executive Summary

October 2017,Intensive R&D

Intensive strategic research and feasibility analysis followed. AZHOS was started by Marcel Kuhs, Silvio Stephan Tony Oehm and Joachim Rudolf inside Orbit Logistics, the leading SME for Supply Chain Management VMI Technology in Europe.

January 2018,AZHOS Infrastructure™

The company followed by the development and first tests of the technology. Establishment of compatibility with existing ERP systems and acquisition of partners for the implementation of various pilots with different product types under various circumstances.

November 2018,Proof-of-Concepts and incorporation of AZHOS AG

Running several POCs with our industry partners and offical incorporation of AZHOS AG in Vaduz, principality of Liechtenstein.

June 2019,AZHOS Payments™

AZHOS Payments™ as a product is introduced, offering the only fiat on Blockchain solution in the chemical industry. Making it possible to unlock the future with AZHOS Payments™ fiat on blockchain solution and letting silos pay for themselves.

October 2019,AZHOS Trade Finance™

The concept for AZHOS Trade Finance™ is introduced and several POCs are setup at leading chemical companies.

June 2020,Portfolio Expansion

AZHOS is connecting additional sensors such as flow meters (for the mineral oil industry) and other telemetry data to the system to expand our business in other product areas.