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AZHOS Infrastructure™

Liberate your working capital, strengthen customer relationships and manage risk. AZHOS Infrastructure™ is bringing transparency to your real-world assets.

AZHOS supplier solutions give you visibility and flexibility with your invoices and goods. Whether you are looking for financing of goods to obtain working capital or the ability to automate your supply chain processes. AZHOS has a solution to meet your needs.

AZHOS infrastructure™, developed in close cooperation with our strong partner Orbit Logistics, provides a fully operable IoT sensor network, enabling tracking of bulk goods in real-time and allowing the digitization of goods through our infrastructure technology connecting to existing ERP solutions. AZHOS, thus, enable the settlement of payments through AZHOS Payments™ and financing of goods through AZHOS Trade Finance™ solution without human interaction.

The biggest issue in the chemical industry today is not only tied-up capital but the lack of data transparency and data integrity. AZHOS makes this data transparent and immutable by using a Distributed-Ledger-Technology, creating an immutable record of the underlying data and payment history providing a solution that makes exact bookkeeping and audits easier than ever.

With DLT, AZHOS offers a flexible server infrastructure which is connected to you, your suppliers and customers, AZHOS financing partners and the AZHOS datacentre. This allows for creating a unique Proof of Existence™, providing the possibility to prove your real-world assets for trade finance applications. Already, some of the biggest chemical companies in the world are using the infrastructure to automate their supply chain processes.

AZHOS Infrastructure™ connects suppliers and customers in a whole new way, strengthening their relationship and fostering growth. Liquidity issues are massively reduced paving the way for efficiency along the entire supply chain.

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