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AZHOS Payments™

Unlock the future with AZHOS Payments™ fiat on blockchain solution and let your silo pay for itself.

To enable autonomous financing processes in the process industry a whole new level of payment infrastructure is required. AZHOS Payments™ provides a fully operable fiat on blockchain solution building a bridge between traditional supply chain automation, payment automation, and financing.

AZHOS infrastructure™, developed together with several partners all over Europe, is able to create fully programmable fiat money through the use of smart contracts and enables multiple use cases from real-time international transactions to more complicated financial products and allows the settlement of payments without human interaction solely based on digital trigger signals.

The technology itself works as a backend solution or external service provider set up within the internal systems of a financial institution and enables the direct mapping of IBAN accounts and wallet addresses, creating a digital representation of the fiat money in the account on a digital wallet. Traditional payments in Euro can be, thus, executed and automated using smart contracts, while still having the legal status of cash and being regulated as e-money.

The tokens, thus, represent fully programmable money, with all the business logic totally transparent to all participants. Combining the payment infrastructure with fitting data sources allows payments and financing constructs based on real world data.

If a sensor e.g. detects a consumption of inventory by a customer at a silo of a supplier, it can directly trigger a corresponding payment for the consumed amount as the respective framework agreement defining prices and rights between both parties has is denoted on a smart contract. Long-term contracts between multiple suppliers and financial institutions can now easily be automated by streamlining processes, saving opportunity costs and expenses for accounts and sales.

By keeping the Euro as a means of payment, full ERP compatibility can be ensured while the use of DLT creates an immutable record of the underlying data and payment history, facilitating audits and exact bookkeeping.

AZHOS Payments™ delivers value in an instant manner, lowering entry hurdles and unlocking markets that have not been accessible before. With AZHOS Payments™ full industrial and financial automation no longer stays a vision but can now be implemented in any industrial environment.